The Sound of Children

“where did you get them?”
the woman in the grocery store asks
and i am taken aback

i stare at her and blink
because she’s not asking what you think

well, yes
she’s pointing at my cart
but not the cereal or pop tarts

i’ve aimlessly tossed in back
no, she’s not talking about that

she points to my young kids
who happen to have slanted eyelids

my precocious 5 year old pipes up
while his 2 year old sis drinks her sippy cup

i interject with a start
a sinking feeling in my heart

she nods
and moves on her way
but not before stopping to say

they’re cute
but i bet they cost a lot
she said that, i kid you not!

this story
was called to mind
as a needle drew the lines

more than a few were shed
as my flesh voluntarily bled
these words came to my head:

….you were born
in my heart

though in my belly
you did not grow

the feeling i get
when you call me

your “mommy”
is simply how i know ❤


ph| my tattoo featuring my children’s names and the Korean flag

©words and ©photo by amélie




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