and when
greed erupted, it
our love
to heated flashes
vices lingering
in the gluttonous air
burying us
in ashes


–I’m a greedy bitch. Especially when it comes to things like love and passion. When I’m burning hot it’s like … rawr. All in. Let’s do this. And do it a lot. Ha!

But seriously, I know me. I have this fire inside me that burns so intensely when I’m passionate about something or someone. It’s hard for me to focus on anything else. And I give so much of myself to the thing. Whether it be a person or a job or a task. I’m definitely a ‘go big or go home’ kind of girl.

So how does this relate to the goddamn poem? Patience! I’m getting there. I hint a lot at being “old” in my social media posts without telling y’all my age. But I’ll say it now. I’m 44. And I’ve always been this greedy, intense, passionate, all-in kind of person. What I’ve found, at least with love – passionate love – is that for me, the flames that have burned the most intensely have been the shortest lasting. It’s like they were too hot to sustain. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just attempting to rationalize failed past relationships. Who knows? But it feels like a truth. At least with me. There was a 10 word Twitter prompt recently – “sparkle”. I wrote: I don’t sparkle, I burn hot, blow like a fuse.

Truer words, my friends … truer words.


©words by amélie
photo| m beerley

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