Writing, Learning, and Growing


was planted inside me
and like a seed, it grew
into words
with wine-stained lips
& profane sonnets
written for you

Sometimes I don’t know where the shit I write comes from. I mean I know it comes from deep inside of me. But sometimes I go back and read my own writing and I genuinely wonder for a moment ‘did I really write that??’

Remember, I didn’t start sharing my writing until a few months ago when I joined Twitter and Instagram. Thus, an audience and feedback is new to me.  And I’m still shocked and humbled that I get likes and RTs. I really truly am.

Let me digress here for a moment and say that I’m not at all trained in literature and/or writing. I’m a science nerd. The way I write when it comes to my profession is SO SO different than poetry or creative writing. It’s definitely two different sides of my brain working. I’m much more confident using the left side of my brain. And because of this, I have been craving some constructive feedback on the writing that comes from the right side.

So this week, I had coffee with a friend who teaches Lit at a local university and we discussed literary devices and tropes. I’ve been trying to use more in my writing and she was kind enough to look through some of my work. It was an interesting and enlightening experience.

One thing she and I both noticed is that my writing has changed from the time I first joined Twitter. In a good way, I think. It’s actually ….deeper. That may be surprising since Twitter only allows 140 characters, but a lot of the writing I tweet comes from larger more in depth pieces.

We also talked about the Twitter poetry prompts. They were such a good start for me. I’m so glad I found them when I first joined. Otherwise I don’t think I would have mustered up the courage to ever share a poem. And, I still write to them. I love them. But I’ve also – as of late – been just ….. writing and sharing poetry that doesn’t come from a prompt. I can’t explain why exactly but that feels like growth. My friend agreed.

I might be crazy. It’s okay if you think I am. All of this is new to me. And because my left brain is so used to taking charge of things, I am probably overthinking of all it! But I’m writing. And learning. And growing. So, who cares!

Thanks for listening.


©words and by amélie and ©image from WallpaperUp dot com




2 thoughts on “Writing, Learning, and Growing”

  1. One day I I felt that I need to express myself somehow… I didn’t know how, then writing to a friend, I figured out that writing was a way to sooth my inner. I never thought that I would have the courage to have a blog. Life is full of surprises. I also fell in love with photography, I post them with my thoughts.


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